TransTech Conference

October 13th and 14th 2017

Palo Alto, CA

Science and Technology that significantly impacts mental and emotional wellbeing.

Transformative Technology Conference October 13-14, 2017

Wiring Humanity for the Future

Our technical abilities have greatly accelerated in the last few decades, but the processes to become energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected, aware and internally aligned haven’t followed the same exponential curve. The gap between our outer capabilities and inner development slows human progress as we waste creative potential on fear and ego. Transformative Technologies provide the means to close this gap.

TransTech is tech specifically designed to elevate mental and emotional wellbeing. It is the intersection of technology, neuroscience, psychology, behavioral science and design, data metrics, and more. The TransTech community is an ecosystem of diverse collaborators--mavericks of the mind, engineers of optimization, scientists of self-mastery, entrepreneurs of human potential, and venture capitalists of cognitive-emotional capital. The TransTech community has a simple mission: 1) to support and expand mental and emotional wellbeing, 2) to provide a new mirror, through data, sensors, and feedback to better understand ourselves and others, and 3) to create new tools to shape our psychology positively.

At the 2017 Transformative Technology Conference you can:

  • Learn how we can wire humanity for the future and fulfill our potential assisted by technical tools.
  • Explore what’s possible for human wellbeing and the history and drivers shaping this emerging sector.
  • Hear about game changers impacting the future of work, community, and how we grow.
  • Discover how to enhance the five human intelligences, support mental health and resilience, and encourage happiness.
  • Expect a multidisciplinary representation of leaders in technology, neuroscience, psychology, behavioral science, and more.
  • Hear from investors and receive encouragement and support to build and grow TransTech companies.

From emotion recognition software and pattern recognition to neurostimulation and meditation apps, Transformative Technology can help accelerate human wellbeing, inner alignment, and performance. Welcome to the next great revolution in technology -- human mastery of the mind.

Opening and Space Definition:

Transformative Technology is accelerating. Understand the growth drivers, market leaders, and key cultural trends driving transformative technology, and learn how these affect you as an entrepreneur, investor, engineer, or user. Learn the most critical stats and trends about how technology is evolving. What is the sector definition of TransTech? Where are the borders? What’s included (and what’s not?)? Nichol Bradford will open the conference and give her annual update on the TransTech Market.

Section 1: What’s Possible and Why

We can now track a dizzying amount of biosignals and behavior data, from gross to subtle. Understand what can be measured and how exponential technologies are accelerating measurement and feedback pathways.

  • Future Vision of Possibilities: What’s possible in the future for individuals, companies, and communities?
  • Signal, Stimulation, and Feedback: In this section, hear about three of the most cutting-edge signals, stimulators, and feedback systems that everyone will be talking about.
  • Exponential Tech and Transformation: How does exponential tech drive technologies used for transformation?

Section 2: Converging Drivers: How did we get here? And what does that say about where we’re going?

TransTech today is in the center of converging trends and disciplines. Understanding the connections between them and how they amplify one another is the key to making the right bets for future TransTech products.

  • What’s possible right now for individuals, companies, and communities? See the current range of applications.
  • TransTech: A History Lesson. Hear a whirlwind tour of the trends building to TransTech. From Quantified Self to wearables to Consciousness Hacking to important recent breakthroughs, you’ll understand exactly how we got here and gain insights for what’s next.
  • The Next Revolution in Mind (Brain). Learn about the neuroscience and medical breakthroughs making TransTech possible alongside the history of neurofeedback and the community seeking to heal the mind.
  • Disciplines Converging. Understand the intersection between behavioral design, positive psychology, humanistic transpersonal psychology, meditation, and technology.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Whether arising in large corporations or in start-ups, the leaders in TransTech think differently. Hear from founders and mavericks who have brought important TransTech products to market. Talk to investors who invest in this space.

Section 3: Game Changers

For new technologies or new uses of technologies, it is as important to know where and how they can be used as it is to know what they are. As a result, in this year’s conference we will organize our founders and experts by where and how they will be used rather than just by technology used. From artificial intelligence to stimulation to optogenetics, attend this section to understand how TransTech applications will actually affect real people.

  • TransTech @ Work. Learn how TransTech will optimize the workplace and elevate productivity, employee development, engagement, creativity, healthcare, and team dynamics.
  • TransTech @ Social. Hear how TransTech will impact how we relate and connect to one another, including relationships, community, society, and the collective.
  • TransTech @ Learning. Discover how TransTech will help us to understand ourselves and grow, including self-awareness, mental fitness, emotional fitness/emotional intelligence, self-development, and personalization.
  • The Five Intelligences: How will TransTech improve your life? Hear from TransTech founders creating products to enhance your intelligence via capacity, emotional IQ, interpersonal IQ, transpersonal IQ, and the collective IQ.
  • TransTech will expand mental health and happiness by raising skills and available resources prior to crisis. Learn about TransTech applications for mental health, resilience, and happiness.

Closing: Wiring Humanity for the Future

Transformative Technology will help unbind us from our biology and allow us to jump over the evolutionary lag where we are currently bound by limits and fears. Hear about the relationship between humanity’s new agenda of longevity, happiness, and tech-enhanced improvement and the resultant need to upgrade our psychology. Dr. Jeffery Martin will close the conference with an overview of the emerging big picture and a roadmap for how we all can help humanity thrive in the future our technology is creating. From our homes to our offices, from our local communities to our overall society, understand the importance, opportunities, and new standards of inner development presented by TransTech.